Hand Plane Thicknessing Jig With Micro Adjustment

Hand Plane Thicknesser Jig With Micro Adjustment

This jig is for creating precise and repeatable thicknesses when hand planing small stock

It has undergone many design changes to optimize its function and ease of use.

The current set of plans are designed for use with a No. 4 hand plane with a width of 64mm or 2-1/2 inch. The design can easily be adapted to be used with other sizes of hand planes and I will alter the drawings and information to suit your needs if possible.

Detailed plans are available for purchase for £10.
The Plans are metric.

The plans are in the form of a 28 page PDF document with 63 images.
Plus a set of 24 Individual detailed CAD drawings.

You can contact me with any questions or possible design changes.
Purchasing a set of plans includes free future updates
and design improvements when available.

Please allow a little time for your plans to arrive
following payment as I individually send the
plans directly to you via your PayPal payment email address.


Payment can be made via PayPal by using the Buy Now button below.

Hand Plane Thicknessing Jig Plans. £10


SAMPLE IMAGES (Low Resolution)

Contact me for further information.


The Wood Yogi