Sharpening Honing Guide

My Honing Guide Design

I have been working on different designs of honing guide for use in sharpening and the design has progressed to a tool that I am really happy using. My current honing guide has gone through numerous stages and provides me with the best results. It is comfortable to use over an extended length of time and operates with the least amount of effort. It is also extremely cost effective to build. These are features I was looking to achieve and feel that I have so far. There are some minor improvements to be made in the future, but as it stands so far is good.

I built a prototype from scraps of softwood with the intent to create something more aesthetic from nice pieces of hardwood, but the honing guide functions so well that I simply use the prototype as a finished product.

Here are some CAD drawings of the guide so far. Plans that included dimension will be added soon.

Although I made the original honing guide from wood, I decided to made these drawings for the possibility to 3D print the main components in the future.

This project is a work in progress, contact me for details.


The Wood Yogi